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About F2TC

F2TC cyber security specialists and researchers are committed to protect organizations against advanced security threats, data breaches and zero-day attacks, by using proprietary tools and advanced big-data analytics to early detect cyber-attacks, anomalies and failures.

F2TC is the strategic cyber security partner to help mission critical organizations:

  • Remain protected through the years
  • Go from an alert to its resolution in a timely manner
  • Help simplify and streamline the infrastructure
  • Be a trusted resource of technology, intelligence and expertise to build a unified defense against cyber-attacks

We are able to evolve and innovate as fast as cyber-attacks. It is not enough to outsource cyber security services. It’s about investing in the knowledge and expertise of a company dedicated to detecting, analyzing and resolving today’s threats.



Penetration Testing


F2TC team is comprised of result-driven professionals, with proven skill-set required for practical exploitation of threats and vulnerabilities, such as intrusion detection systems evasion techniques, networking, infrastructure, application exploitation, organization's security policies, compliance requirements, employees security awareness and the organization's ability to identify and respond to security incidents.

Our Penetration Testing Service approaches your systems in an offensive manner, delivering insight on the business current security posture and threat exposure level of your critical infrastructure by employing real world scenario techniques and hacks to drill down security, devising customized attacks and exploits specifically targeting your business model and platform.

In order to efficiently adapt to your business needs, our service is divided into three main categories:

  • Black-box penetration testing: Starting without previous knowledge of your infrastructure and escalating as deep inside as possible, emulating the modus-operandi of real-life hackers and other adversaries.
  • Gray-box penetration testing: With minimal, but substantial knowledge of the infrastructure, internal processes and credentials.
  • White-box penetration testing: Targets underlying technology security with full knowledge of the IT department, exposing hidden threats in application services and processes.

Testing Methodology

Performance of the tests will relate to the OSSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual) and the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) in terms of coverage and guidance, however, it will not be limited to detection and assessment of known vulnerabilities, loosely extending its scope determined by success of infiltration and escalation exercises from an adversary's perspective.

This approach will greatly extend exposure and discovery of unknown and business specific vulnerabilities on custom applications, implementations and configurations.


  • Executive report
  • Findings summary
  • Risk and impact assessment
  • Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS)
  • Technical report
  • Per-target findings details
  • Vulnerability description and explanation
  • Remediation recommendations
  • Remediation validation

Vulnerability Assessment

Continuous and hands-free vulnerability discovery on external and internal network segments, computers and devices within defined scope. Our tools are equipped with the most up-to-date database of known vulnerabilities and threat intelligence indicators of compromise, providing your security teams and stakeholders with the accurate information they need to prioritize and remediate based on your organizations cybersecurity strategy.


  • Reporting and dashboards: Give CISOs, security managers and analysts the visibility and context they need to take decisive action to reduce exposure and risk.
  • Alerts and notifications: Quickly alert administrators with high-priority security events, speed up incident response and vulnerability remediation, and reduce overall risk.
  • Compliance: Use pre-defined checks against industry standards and regulatory mandates, such as CIS benchmarks, DISA STIG, FISMA, PCI DSS, HIPPA/HITECH, SCAP and more.
  • Early identification of threats and misconfiguration.

Source Code Security Assurance

Our security experts possess a blend of experience in software development, Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC), security research and secure coding best practices, allowing us to confidently deliver high-quality code review assessments, significantly increasing the chances of early threat discovery reducing human errors, misconfigurations, malfunctions and other threats. Protecting your business from financial loss, business disruption and reputational damage.

Key Benefits

  • Line-by-line source code analysis
  • Audit application components separately and the software as a whole
  • Test in real-life and controlled scenarios
  • Provide a targeted focus for testing and mitigation
  • Helps improve product stability and over-all quality


  • Findings summary
  • Risk and impact assessment
  • Remediation recommendations
  • Remediation validation

Secure Software Development Life Cycle

Mantaining a strong security posture and eliminating threats at its very conception gives security its rightful position in your applications development process.

A Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDL) inserts architecture threat analysis, penetration testing and code reviews as integral part of every step of your development and delivery iterations.

Software Development life cycle

24x7x365 Security Operations Center

F2TC combines human and machine intelligence to analyze events in real time for early threat detection and prevention.

With our 24x7x365 real time monitoring we assure the detection and acknowledgement of IT assets at a fraction of the cost of having an in-house security operations center, the operational security personnel you need to hire, train and retain to guarantee your organization's security safety.

Our proprietary machine learning algorithms and advanced threat intelligence tools collect security events from numerous infrastructures, security devices and application sources to review and respond, with a just in time accurate assessments of the overall network.

When a threat is detected, F2TC prepares an incident report which includes a forensic analysis and recommended remediation for incident response. This not only reduces the risk of data breaches, but also saves IT and security teams valuable time.

Key Features and Functionalities

  • Real time around the clock 24x7x365 monitoring
  • Improve security with accurate assessments of the overall network
  • Reduce the costs of having an in-house SOC
  • Sensitive data is anonymous to the SOCs Tier1 by our smart ciphering preprocessors
  • Actionable intelligence, enabling quick and effective issue resolution
  • Visibility with an intuitive web-based portal and insightful reporting
  • Vendor agnostic and flexible configurations
  • Easily scalable service with decentralized sensor data acquisition
  • Resilient design with no single point of failure
  • Data resulting from operation trains our machine learning algorithms

Managed SIEM

F2TC developed a complete and unified Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform that suits your organization needs for fast and effective threat detection, incident response and compliance.

Deployed in minutes from our secure cloud environment, integrated and maintained by our security experts, our Managed SIEM centralizes your logs in real time and from different sources, filtering false alarms, outlying relevant security events, providing your security teams with a centralized user interface for event correlation, effective incident handling and response.

SIEM Features & Capabilities

  • Simplified deployment
  • Fully managed by our security experts
  • Reduce time from detection to response
  • Asset management and prioritization
  • Log centralization and event correlation
  • Custom dashboards and visualizations
  • Team performance visibility and metrics
  • Actionable threat intelligence
  • Security insights powered by our experts and machine learning algorithms

Incident Response

F2TC bridges the talent gap in the cyber security industry, empowering your team with our hands-on expertise in Digital Forensics Incident Response (DFIR), root-cause analysis and actionable threat hunting and intelligence, allowing your organization to focus on it's core business while we focus on ours.

Threat Intelligence

Our involvement in the cyber security community puts us ahead of emerging threats, ongoing Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) campaigns, and data leaks that could affect your business.

Benefit from our proactive threat intelligence service and become aware today of the threats of tomorrow.


APT groups and cyber-criminals are constantly evolving and circumventing security controls. Readiness is only guaranteed by constant innovation and awareness. In our security research labs, we challenge the status quo and look ahead of the current threat landscape.

Discover New Vulnerabilities

We are in constant research of new vulnerabilities and attack vectors. Our team engages in responsible vulnerability disclosure and PoC exploit development, fuzzing and threat models analysis.

Reverse Engineering

Harness our battle-proven expertise in reverse engineering and expose the obscure workings of malware, trade-craft artifacts, legacy software and protocols.

IoT / Hardware / Car Hacking

In an interconnected world the boundaries of cyber and physical realm are slowly vanishing. We are here to expose the threats involved in between.

Red Team

The purpose of a red team is to enable the blue team to solidify its detection capabilities and response times. Contrary to a Penetration test, the red team works in conjunction with the blue team. During the exercises the Red Team plays the role of the foe.

Based on industry standards, is an external entity brought in to test the effectiveness of a cyber security program. This is accomplished by emulating the behaviors and techniques of attackers in the most realistic way possible, but in a controlled environment.

The exercises employed by the red team are designed for management to stress-test the blue team’s ability to effectively detect, respond, and recover from a variety of real-world scenarios, ranging from a simple malware, ransomware, rogue employee, to the most advanced and persistent adversary attack commonly employed by today’s cyber criminals.


Our Red Teaming engagements emulate adversarial behavior based on globally accepted industry standards frameworks (PTES, OSTMM, OWASP, MITRE ATT&CK), going through the complete Cyber Kill Chain, guaranteeing full coverage of threat surface exposed by our targets. Resulting deliverables provide unprecedented insight into your threat landscape and a clear path into improving security posture.

This approach will greatly extend exposure and discovery of unknown and business specific vulnerabilities on custom applications, implementations and configurations.

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